Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reality Bites: Stock Charts Hit with Deflation Ugly Stick

One look at any of today's major index charts - or European charts, for that matter - tells the real story of the world economy and the overall effects of globalization, fiat money and constant Keynesian-modeled tinkering.

Down at the open and no chance of a rally at any point was the order of the day. Markets were completely flattened following Tuesday's slap-happy, bogus insider ramp job. With any luck, the same traders and rich, brassy speculators who made a few ducats on the way up yesterday are upside-down today.

While US markets were royally screwed, European bourses were overwhelmingly slammed to earth, with the major indices whacked more than 1.75%, led downward by the CAC 40, smashed a whopping 2.24% as the EUR/USD sank below 1.24 on its inexorable path to parity and then, extinction.

All indications from not just today's trade, but the overall tenor of markets since the end of April, are that Europe's crisis is not going to be solved easily, if at all. There's no hiding from the big stick of deflation, no crying in a deflationary spiral, except by the weak and unprepared, who deserve nothing but woe, destitution and poverty. May they take all of the major banking interests with them.

The carnage was unavoidable. The US 10-year note fell to an historic low yield of 1.62%, which, along with the German Bund, is headed for negative returns.

Whether or not this is coordinated end-game by the world's central bankers and our own small-minded Ben Bernanke, the siren's cry of lower prices has been heard loud and clear. By the end of fall or sooner, the entire charade should be over, for all intents and purposes. Adam Smith's invisible hand has given globalists the undeniable back-slap one receives for overindulgence, malinvestment and outright economic stupidity.

The pseudo-rally from the depths of 2008-09 is officially defunct and all that's left is picking up the pieces when everything crashes to the floor before falling into the abyss. It's almost as if the ancient tradition of the jubilee - in which all debts are forgiven - has been secretly woven into the fabric of modern economics. The crush of unpaid obligations will affect rich and poor alike. Only those with investments in useful machinery, arable land, real estate and precious metals will be spared, though their lot will no doubt be a difficult one.

Ordinary working class folk should be cheering the downfall of the tyrannical central banking regime, though anyone relying on pensions for retirement cushion should have already begun reordering their priorities. The last three-and-a-half years have been nothing more than a chance to prepare for the ultimate collapse of the global banking and sovereign state cabal and their over-leveraged, inflationist, dangerous, deadly ideas.

Resistance is futile against the wicked spiral of deflation, as it carries the weight of the world down with it, as derivatives are unwound and the banking and finance system breaks down. The worry is that governments will impose iron-fisted regimes and police states to quell the disquiet populace once the rioting begins, and it will, sure as day follows night.

As stocks tumbled, precious metals strengthened today, a significant development not seen in recent months and a trend almost certain to continue. Oil's drop continues and a plunge below $90/barrel today was an event long overdue. The world is absolutely glutted with the stuff as demand continues to plunge. Everything will be - or should be - cheaper as 2012 unfolds further.

The chaos should only worsen in this shortened week as the culmination is Friday's sure to be horrific non-farm payroll report. Tomorrow will afford an early sneak preview as ADT releases their private payroll data for May and hour and a quarter prior to the ringing of the bell at the Wall Street loser's casino. Additionally, Thursday will be heavy with data, with Challenger job cuts, initial unemployment claims and the second GDP estimate all due prior to US market opening. It should almost surely worsen from there forward with Chicago PNI and crude inventories guiding early-day trading.

It would require nothing short of divine intervention or an alien landing for the remainder of the week to be nothing short of a bloodbath.

Free houses for everyone! At least for those who need shelter and have a creative mind and two good hands with which to rebuild, that is.

Dow 12,419.86, -160.83 (1.28%)
NASDAQ 2,837.36, -33.63 (1.17%)
S&P 500 1,313.32, -19.10 (1.43%)
NYSE Composite 7,476.36, -138.68 (1.82%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,629,529,250
NYSE Volume 3,441,592,750
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1011-4774
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 42-134
WTI crude oil: 87.82, -2.94
Gold: 1,563.40, +14.70
Silver: 27.98, +0.19

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