Friday, March 25, 2016

Durable Goods Not So Good; Stocks End Five-Week-Long Rally; GDP Is Bogus

Markets are closed on Friday in observance of Good Friday (who said we weren't a religious nation?), so the paltry returns on equites ended a dull week in the red, the first time a week has ended negative since mid-February.

Prior to the open on Thursday, durable goods for February were released and the numbers were far from encouraging.

Durable Goods New Orders (Ex-Transports) fell 0.5% YoY, extending its losing streak to 13 months. All segments of the durable goods report saw negative month-over-month direction with headline -2.8%. Prior data was revised lower, Capital goods orders fell more than expected (-1.8% MoM).

Durable goods new orders down -2.8%, exp. -3.0%; prior revised down to 4.2% for Jan. from 4.7%
New orders ex-trans. down 1%, Exp. -0.3%; prior revised to 1.2% from 1.7%
Capital goods orders ex-aircraft down 1.8%, Exp. -0.5%, prior revised to 3.1% from 3.4%
Capital goods shipments ex-aircraft down 1.1%, Exp. +0.3%, prior revised to -1.3% from -0.4%

That was about all the market could stand and not puke up more gains.

On Friday, with markets closed, the government released the final estimate for 4th quarter 2015 GDP, posting a figure that was above all estimates, a suspicious gain of 1.4%. This spurious number followed a first estimate of 0.7% in January and a second estimate at an even 1.0% in February. Apparently, everything is improving in the alternate reality that is Washington D.C. (please, please, indict Hillary). It has been pointed out by various writers that GDP is a poor measurement of the health of an economy. Such as this current reading, which is heavily influenced by health care costs and soaring rents, in addition to the hedonic adjustments and other blunt instruments of deception, the numbers end up meaning little in terms of the common man, woman or family.

Lastly, we'd like to share this fine post from the blog Viable Opposition, with readers of Money Daily:

The Long Wave and the Failure of Central Banks. Highly recommended reading and a great chart at the end.

Posts such as this - and the general appeal of the blog overall - points up why the establishment is failing and fearful of the rising tide of populism. Bloggers don't get paid for appearances on CNBC or Bloomberg but their views and opinions are often superior, better researched, unbiased and non-political than what the mainstream media tries to sell as gospel.

God (or Donald Trump) save us.

For the week:
Dow: -86.57 (0.49%)
S&P 500: -13.64 (0.67%)
NASDAQ: -22.14 (0.46%)

Thursday's Finish:
S&P 500: 2,035.94, -0.77 (0.04%)
Dow: 17,515.73, +13.14 (0.08%)
NASDAQ: 4,773.50, +4.64 (0.10%)

Crude Oil 39.63 -0.40% Gold 1,217.20 -0.56% EUR/USD 1.1180 -0.02% 10-Yr Bond 1.90 +1.33% Corn 369.25 +0.20% Copper 2.24 -0.02% Silver 15.19 -0.57% Natural Gas 1.89 +1.12% Russell 2000 1,079.54 +0.36% VIX 14.73 -1.41% BATS 1000 20,682.61 0.00% GBP/USD 1.4152 +0.23% USD/JPY 112.8450 +0.42%

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