Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The End (of the ruling elite) is Here for the Taking... but is anybody listening?

Today is election day, but, for most of us, it is meaningless. The new bodies elected with do about the same as the ones being replaced: nothing, or make matters worse. To buttress my argument, I direct you to reading a post by Jim Quinn, detailing precisely how the government, with a grand assist by the private Federal Reserve, has misspent our fortune and has destined us to a future of depression and depravity. His tome is somewhat inappropriately titled, Suicide is Painless, because most people simply do not see that they and their neighbors are being slowly starved and/or bled to death, so maybe "assisted suicide is painless" would be preferable.

Now, how do we (wait, you did read the article linked above, right?) go about the destruction of the ruling elite?

Dispensing with the final scene of Fight Club, which would be thrilling and decisive, aleit never possible in the real world, we must find other means to our end.

We can start today by not voting, or voting for anybody but the candidates on the ballots (actually, the machines will change our votes to whatever they like, so just avoiding the polling places may be the best tactic).

Next, we must starve the beast. Grow your own fruits and veggies and instruct others to do the same. Cut out the Monsantos and McDonald's.

Cut utility bills by using less. Install a small solar panel or two, maybe a wind turbine, get the wasters (I have a neighbor who insists on keeping lights on in every room and two more outdoors almost all night long) to stop their own madness by showing them the reality of lower utility bills. If they don't listen, ridicule them, make them feel shame for their waste.

Kill the big banks. Take all money out of the 15 largest banks and put it in local banks or credit unions.

Keep buying gold and silver.

Fight and avoid taxation at every opportunity.

If opportunity presents itself, harm the interests of corporations. Be creative.

Foster an environment in which everybody is encouraged to be more self-reliant, less wasteful and point out the true enemies: banks, corporations, government at all levels.

It's a small start, but we must begin to take back the nation.

As for the markets, same old story. More gains on low volume.

Dow 11,188.72, +64.10 (0.58%)
NASDAQ 2,533.52, +28.68 (1.14%)
S&P 500 1,193.57, +9.19 (0.78%)
NYSE Composite 7,582.14, +72.93 (0.97%)

Advancers ran roughshod over declining issues, 4795-1663. There were 615 new highs and just 72 new lows. Volume: no comment.

NASDAQ Volume 1,923,377,125
NYSE Volume 4,254,097,500

My data is showing no change for oil, at $82.95, though I know it traded higher than that. Gold popped by $6.60, to $1,356.90; silver was also higher, up 28 cents, to $24.84.

There is a slew of data coming through on Wednesday, but tonight everybody will be focused on the election results. Somehow, Wall Street and their ilk believe that change is good or that somehow, electing a large number of nutjob, Tea Party Republicans is going to change policy in Washington. At best, it will produce a stalemate, which is exactly what is not needed. Change is needed. Changes in regulations, taxes, rules, but mostly in how we are governed and how the federal government communicates with the public. But that won't happen; we know it won't.

Wall Street, the real control of politicians, is full of itself and some other stuff that's usually found on cow pastures.

The data stream for tomorrow begins at 7:30 AM with the Challenger Job Cuts for October. At 8:15 AM, the release of ADP Employment Change for October, followed by the 10:00 AM release of ISM Services and Factory Orders. After the 10:30 AM release of Crude Inventories, the market will hold its collective breath, awaiting the FOMC Rate Decision at 2:15 PM, which is not really a rate decision, as federal funds rates are permanently stuck at ZERO, but the world expects to hear details on just how quickly the Fed is going to finish off the US economy through inflation, otherwise known as QE2, or, printing gazillions of dollars with nothing backing them.

Best guess moving forward is the Republicans gain control of the House, nothing changes, but the Fed produces runaway inflation in food, fuel and utilities, further crushing the middle class. Stocks will go to the moon, but the economy will be dead with unemployment approaching 25%.

There's a way out, but it requires a thinking, functioning populace that isn't dependent on the government for anything. Considering the 47 million people already on food stamps and even more on some form of government assistance (along the lines of 50% of the population), hope is fading fast.

Every man for himself? Could be.

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