Friday, January 27, 2012

4th Quarter GDP Up 2.8%; 1.9% from Inventory Build; Checklist for Peace and Prosperity

US markets opened the day with news that the first estimate of 4th quarter 2011 GDP came in at 2.8%, a tad shy of the 3.0% (and many higher) estimates from the punditry. That bit of reality got stocks off to a ragged start and the choppiness continued throughout the day with the NASDAQ the only positive index for the bulk of the session.

The saddest part of the GDP breakout was that 1.9% of the 2.8% gain came from inventory build, which, as experienced in years past, will be quickly pushed out the door in the first quarter of 2012 and not fully replaced. That sets up an extraordinary condition through the first quarter: that of teetering on the brink of GDP contraction. Everyone is aware of the situation, which is why trading volumes have been so weak and stocks now being used as short-term bets rather than investments.

Still, the always-bullish crowd on Wall Street still, according to the January Barometer, believes there are better days ahead. That is until the bad days come, which they surely will. The aforementioned barometer is an old adage that purports that market direction, as dictated by the change in the month of January, will remain the same throughout the year. Last year, January was strong, just as this year, but we ended the year flat, and, after April, and especially after July, it was mostly downhill, so, take the sage guidance of the January Barometer with as many grains of salt as your risk appetite will allow.

Full year 2011 GDP was a grand 1.575%. And that's probably a stretch.

Muddle, muddle, toil and trouble,

Huddle, huddle, masses under the bubble.

America's economy is not growing and that's a good thing, though only for selected groups, like those who have seen it coming all along, nascent Nihilists and, of course, those at the top of the food chain (damn bankers).

Finally, here's my checklist for peace and prosperity in one's life:
  • Paid for (free and clear) house to live in
  • Nice stacks of Precious Metals Guns & ammo Food in storage Garden Plenty of cash for six months expenses Solid understanding of the situation Don't give a rat's behind about upcoming elections Severe, deep-seated hatred of banks and government A business that keeps churning cash Clear conscience
Options include, sex slave, big dog to scare potential intruders, smokes (all kinds), liquor (you'll need it), home-brewing, wine-making or still (best of all worlds, all three), neighbors who may not fully comprehend the situ, but still are not a-holes, working computer(s). A nice collection of good books is always recommended.

Note that anything I-related, phone, pad, whatever, are not even optional. They're just future junk.

Since anybody who reads this blog is probably a notch or four above the teeming masses, we, as a group, should be exceptionally pleased that the system hasn't gone full retard into the eventual collapse, yet. Gives us more time to prepare for Armageddon, should it come, though we will be best prepared to fight off the zombies.

My advice: stick to your plan and work it. Hard. Tell those who think you're nuts (98% of population) to F-off. Fight like a gladiator for every penny and never lose faith in your own unique human ability, which knows only the limits you put on it.

Life is good and getting better for those who are prepared. The heck with the rest of the idiots.

Finally, two ideas in just four short words to mull over the weekend: Ron Paul. Short Google.

Dow 12,660.46, -74.17 (0.58%)
NASDAQ 2,816.55, +11.27 (0.40%)
S&P 500 1,316.32, -2.11 (0.16%)
NYSE Composite 7,876.60, -7.30 (0.09%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,685,430,875
NYSE Volume 3,822,956,000
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 3540-1981
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 235-18 (still extreme, but stalling out)
WTI crude oil: 99.56, -0.14
Gold: 1,732.20, +5.50
Silver: 33.79, +0.05

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