Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government Shutdown Day 6: More Questions Than Answers

This post is essentially a placeholder, since the bogus (like everything else this government does) shutdown is now in its sixth day.

According to published reports, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has found some loophole in the law that will allow for some 400,000 Pentagon employees to go back to work on Monday. Also, the House unanimously passed a bill saying that all furloughed workers would receive full pay for the days they were off.

So, essentially, since the Fed creates money out of thin air and the Treasury can issue bonds to fund anything they want because the Fed will buy them, the government can continue on indefinitely, with or without proper funding.

That is, until they can't. It won't be long. The collapse - a mathematical certainty - of the US economy is proceeding along the proper path. It may not end next week. It should have ended in 2008, but, be assured, end it will.

Au revoir.

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