Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fed Keeps QE at Full Throttle, Stocks, Markets Still Unhappy; ADP Misses

In September, when everybody thought the Fed was going to announce a scaling-back of their $85 billion-a-month bond buying bonanza, stocks rallied when they did nothing.

Today, when the Fed did exactly what the market expected, keeping the bond buying going full force with no mention of "tapering," stocks sold off, extending a decline that started in slow motion shortly after the opening bell.

It's probably asking too much to try and comprehend exactly what the algos or stock pickers were reading in the FOMC tea leaves, because a commitment by the Fed to continue easy money policies is exactly the best reason for equities to rise. Chalk it up to profit-taking by the slickest of the slick, on an old, "buy the rumor, sell the news" scenario.

As we've stated recently, stocks should continue to rise through the end of the year and beyond, being that there are now some unwritten rules in the market that say stocks can't decline during the Christmas season, there must be a "Santa Claus Rally" and a "New Year Rally."

So, despite this little blip of a disturbance in the force, investors should be good to go unless something really awful happens, like the economy suddenly shows unequivocal signs of strengthening.

OK, OK, stop the laughter. we all know that the economy is stuck in neutral since the Fed programs of QE and ZIRP are only beneficial to the top 1% of earners, those people you and I will never get to know personally, and that the government is going to do everything in its powers to see to it that the economy stumbles along at about 1.5-2.0% GDP growth, just enough to keep the recession dogs off the porch.

Investors and markets will digest today's losses and decide, around midnight tonight, that tomorrow morning would be a great time to add to their positions or open new ones in some of the more speculative, momentum stocks. That's really the mantra and it doesn't get any simpler.

In case nobody noticed, the October ADP jobs report showed that employment continued its gradual slowdown, adding just 130,000 net new private sector jobs - and revised September's 166,000 gain down to 145,000 - all blamed conveniently on the 16-day government shutdown earlier this month. Never mind that these are PRIVATE sector jobs and government is in the PUBLIC sector. Whatever scapegoat is available, that's the one that gets the blame.

As this missive is being prepared for publication, the president is pleading with less-than-enthusiastic supporters that the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or, ObamaCare) is going to work and actually good for America, despite all indications to the contrary.

You have officially entered the bizarro-zone and there is no escape if you keep watching the teevee.

Buy stocks. Can't miss.

Dow 15,618.76, -61.59 (0.39%)
Nasdaq 3,930.62, -21.72 (0.55%)
S&P 500 1,763.31, -8.64 (0.49%)
10-Yr Bond 2.53%, +0.02
NYSE Volume 3,486,428,250
Nasdaq Volume 1,795,014,125
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1596-4053
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 487-42
WTI crude oil: 96.77, -1.43
Gold: 1,349.30, +3.80
Silver: 22.98, +0.491
Corn: 430.25, -1.75 (new 52-week low)

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