Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Interest Rates Likely To Be Hiked Wednesday; For Now, Markets Don't Care

Remember how any time the Fed even hinted that they were going to raise interest rates (the fed funds rate, to be exact) the market would throw a hissy fit and drop 3-5% in a matter of days?

Well, that's ancient history, it appears, as the Dow smashes its way toward 20,000 with yet another all-time high, despite the Fed nearly certain to raise the Fed funds rate tomorrow (Wednesday, 2:00 pm).

For now, markets are completely out of control and have been since the election of one Donald J. Trump as president of the United States. If anybody believes his pledge to "make America great again," it sure seems like wizened traders on Wall Street do.

Hang tight. It's almost time to make a major move on silver and/or gold. The logic and reasoning for the buy will be explained right here at Money Daily in tomorrow's post-FOMC post.

Tuesday, Dec. 13, at the Closing Bell:
Dow: 19,911.21, +114.78 (0.58%)
NYSE Composite: 11,236.75, +59.47 (0.53%)
NASDAQ: 5,463.83, +51.29 (0.95%)
S&P 500: 2,271.72, +14.76 (0.65%)

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