Friday, October 24, 2008

Severe Losses Again in Global Markets

Major indices across Europe and Asia fell anywhere from 5 to 9 percent on Friday, as the fear of global recession continued to plague markets.

US indices were not spared as all reached new lows, surpassing the bottoms reached on October 10. Clearly, we are nowhere near a bottom.

Dow 8,378.95 -312.30; NASDAQ 1,552.03 -51.88; S&P 500 876.77 -31.34; NYSE Composite 5,427.54 -276.59

Recent closing highs for US indices:
Dow Jones Industrials: 14,164.53, October 9, 2007
NASDAQ: 2859.12, October 31, 2007
S&P 500: 1565.15, October 9, 2007
NYSE Composite: 10,301.49, October 12, 2007

Today's (October 24, 2008) closing prices (all fresh lows):
Dow Jones Industrials: 8,378.95
NASDAQ: 1,552.03
S&P 500: 876.77
NYSE Composite: 5,427.54

Once more, market internals told the story of distress as declining issues far outpaced advancers, 5071-1286 (a 4-1 margin). New lows continued to expand dramatically over new highs, 2005-21. Volume was moderate to slightly higher than normal.

NYSE Volume 1,585,743,000
NASDAQ Volume 2,674,463,000

In the good news department, new home sales improved year-over-year by more than 5% and gas prices are significantly lower from mid-summer highs. The price of an average gallon of gas in America is well below $3.00 now.

The price of crude oil continues to collapse along with all other commodities.

Oil fell $3.69, to $64.15, (a 16-month low)despite a call by OPEC for production cuts of 1.5 million barrels per day. Gold reversed its recent downward trend with a gain of $15.60, to close at $730.30. Silver fell 21 cents, to $9.30.

More good news will continue to issue as conditions change. Bear in mind, that as the global "crisis" deepens and expands around the globe, the United States, being the first country to enter into recession, will likely be the first to emerge from the depths of despair. Something to ponder for the weekend other than the fact that US stocks are now completely in the pits.

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