Friday, April 3, 2009

Wall Street Smoking Crack

The crack dealers working the area of lower Manhattan must be flush with cash because it appears certain that the brokers, dealers, wheeler-dealers, scam artists, cheats liars, high muckety-muck, junkies, flunkies, lunkheads, losers and lowlives of all stripes are consuming copious amounts of the stuff.

After a multi-week stock market run of between 20 and 25%, depending on your index of choice, a week chock-full of eyebrow-raising economic reports, a failed attempt at worldwide order and financial diplomacy at the G20, and the worst unemployment in 25 years, the masters of the financial universe decided to keep pushing prices higher, despite the aforementioned data and news, and the imminent revelations from corporate quarterly reports beginning next week.

No matter how anyone tries to justify the numbers, a loss of more than 2 million jobs just in the first quarter of this year is not good news. Stocks should have been headed lower, not higher. Watching the indices crawl forward, it seems that the charts must be from some foreign planet, not ours, which is mired amid the throes of a deepening - not improving - financial breakdown.

Apparently, the wizards of Wall Street see things differently. A slowing economy is a fine one to made ludicrous bets into according to their actions. Stimulus, bailouts, Ponzi schemes, a deteriorating housing market and job losses creates the perfect investing climate according to these geniuses. They are smoking some very powerful dope down there.

Stocks traded in tight ranges throughout the session. Today's action could have been due to indecision, consolidation or manipulation, but it was probably a little bit of each. In any case, nothing moved enough to raise anyone's blood pressure much. It was an all-around tough day for day-traders and short timers.

Dow 8,017.59, +39.51 (0.50%)
NASDAQ 1,621.87, +19.24 (1.20%)
S&P 500 842.50 8.12 (0.97%)
NYSE Composite 5,318.75, +51.65 (0.98%)

Stocks finished with their 4th straight week to the upside. That's a pretty nifty record in the middle of economic calamity and hardly believable. Wall Street insiders realize that another precipitous decline in stock values could lead to some very ugly consequences including widespread firings of top banking professionals, prosecutions and jailings of same, social unrest, and a near-complete breakdown of the social contract and economic death. Thus, the rally must continue, or, at least appear to be solid. It's just another sham being played by the monied interests of Wall Street and Washington and being dribbled along by the feigning financial press.

On the day, advancers beat decliners, 4091-2378, though new lows continued their advantage over new highs, 77-16. Volume was moderate.

NYSE Volume 1,484,215,000
NASDAQ Volume 2,140,955,000

To amplify Wall Street's insanity, read on. This hardly warranted mention on the airwaves, unbelievably.

Self-dealing made simple: The same banks which packaged the "toxic" mortgage loans - for which they received government bailout money - are now looking into buying the same assets under Treasury's Private-Public Partnership Investment Plan.

Yes, you read that right. Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs want to be buyers of each other's near-worthless paper, taking advantage of the government's largesse in the form of 14-1 leverage. These same banks would like to buy up each other's bad loans with roughly 15% down, the balance financed by the government, or, read correctly, the badly duped and without recourse US taxpayer.

Not only is this the worst self-dealing ever witnessed on the planet, but it also reeks of the kind of scheme Bernie Madoff recently re-popularized: PONZI. All of this will likely be swept neatly under the rug with help of the duplicitous Treasury Secretary, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Liar-King, President Barack Obama.

I know I predicted this would happen when I first heard of the proposal, so why should I - or anyone - be shocked? Our government has one purpose now, simply to serve the wishes of their puppet-masters on Wall Street. The whole bunch of them - from the President and congress to the bank CEOs - should be tried on charges of grand larceny and treason, because stealing from the very people you swore to protect and defend is nothing less.

Commodities dithered throughout the day. Oil closed 13 cents lower, at $52.51. Gold fell another $11.60, to $897.30. Silver shed 29 cents to finish the week at $12.74.

And here's a dose of honesty:

Have a nice weekend.

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