Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keeping your budget in order is easier on the web

With so much focus on money, finances and personal accountability, individuals need sphisticated ways to manage both their money and their time. From online brokerage accounts to credit cards and bank accounts, retirement accounts, 401Ks and the like, keeping track of where your is coming from and going to is a necessity.

The old fashioned paper budget and ledger has gone the way of the pocket calculator and slide rule. More and more people are turning to tools on the web to track and quantify their cash and investments.

One such web tool is a site called Mint, which is a free online service which allows you to add all of your important financial information into your own secure, customizable platform.

Users enter their bank account information, plus information on loans, credit cards, home equity lines, and other regularly-used accounts, such as a stock account.

Then, once it's all set up, the software pulls all the information together and keeps it updated, employing bank-level security so your information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

The site offers a high level of reliability and a one-click experience to see where and how your money is being employed. There are additional tools, such as auto-generated charts of where your money is being spent, and a budget app that can be adjusted to suit a personal preference.

Spending too much on gas, or clothes? Set up the budget to limit those expenses and put more money into other areas.

Mint is a great free solution designed to assist everyone in managing their finances.

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