Friday, December 28, 2012

America, Land of the Handout, Home of the Loser, by the Millions

Face it Americans, you've been suckered.

There's not going to be any "grand bargain," that's for sure, and any deal that gets done either over the weekend or on Monday, December 31, at the last possible minute, is going to fall well short of even the most pessimistic possible outcomes.

Money Daily has been saying all along that the deal always was to have no deal. The President, John Boehner, and all the other "leaders" in congress have been acting through this entire sickening tableau.

When and if some kind of resolution is arrived at, there will be very few happy about it. Almost everybody's taxes are going to rise, along with the 2% contribution to Social Security that was conveniently "excused" in 2012.

Washington is a complete clown show. If the American public had any kind of guts, the protests would surround the entirety of the mall, the thieves would be summarily kicked down the steps of the capitol and bankers would be hung from the nearest lampposts.

But that's not going to happen. Americans are too easily bought off (the number of people collecting food stamps, social security and other entitlements are numb and only want the checks and freebies to keep rolling in. Some day, those will stop because the government - at the behest of the international cartel of bankers (central and otherwise) - holds all the cards.

This is a sorry way to end the week. Wall Street has only begun to express their displeasure and discontent, with markets selling off for the fourth consecutive session, today's being the largest, after President Obama met with congressional leaders at the White House and once again did NOTHING.


If this is what you want, you've gotten it, in spades, and deservedly so, especially the baby boomers, some of whom fought the establishment in the 60s, more of whom stood idly by and did nothing, other than joining the status quo as adults.These are the fruits of apathy and "let the other guy do it" mentality.

2013 will be the year of every man, woman and child to fend for oneself.

Dow 12,938.11, -158.20 (1.21%)
NASDAQ 2,960.31, -25.60 (0.86%)
S&P 500 1,402.43, -15.67 (1.10%)
NYSE Composite 8,316.17, -83.66 (1.00%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,120,378,875
NYSE Volume 2,407,416,000
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1794-3750
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 63-51
WTI crude oil: 90.80, -0.07
Gold: 1,655.90, -7.80
Silver: 29.98, -0.265

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