Thursday, November 2, 2017

FOMC Leaves Rates Unchanged; Markets Respond Positively

The Federal Reserve's FOMC issued their policy statement at 2:00 pm ET, after a two-day meeting that was widely anticipated to keep the federal funds rate unchanged at 1.00-1.25%.

What the Fed did change in its statement was a few words which piqued the interest of the bullish crowd on Wall Street, saying that the US economy was displaying "solid" growth over the past few months, a change from their use of the word "moderate" or "moderately" to describe US economic growth.

That was enough for investors to snap up a few more mostly overpriced shares on the first day November, except on the NASDAQ, which was the one index to end the session at a loss.

The Fed is prepared to raise interest rates in December, boosting the federal funds rate to 1.25-1.50%, a level still well below what most economists consider normal and sustainable.

At the Close, Wednesday, November 1, 2017:
Dow: 23,435.01, +57.77 (+0.25%)
NASDAQ: 6,716.53, -11.14 (-0.17%)
S&P 500: 2,579.36, +4.10 (+0.16%)
NYSE Composite: 12,362.88, +21.87 (+0.18%)

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