Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Germany's Merkel Jeered in Athens; Liars, Cheaters, Swindlers and Psychopaths

Markets around the globe took a bit of a beating on Tuesday, just as earnings season is about to get underway in the United States.

The catalyst for today's decline is unknown, though the first major drop in US markets coincided neatly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Athens, Greece, where she was jeered by thousands, including some dressed in Nazi uniforms, brandishing swastika flags, and gave the Heil, Hitler straight-armed salute that signified the reign of terror that Germany inflicted upon Europe some 70 years ago.

Greeks, their children, and others who fell under Nazi influence have not forgotten. There are still many unhealed wounds in Europe stemming from Nazi occupation of most of the continent and the lives lost during the deadliest of wars.

The demonstration by the Greeks was isolated, but still calls to mind the devastation that befell Europe under Adolf Hitler and his hordes of merciless killers. Of course, America's entry into the World War II signaled the beginning of the end of Hitler's reign of terror. Like all psychopaths, he was exposed and defeated, freeing the continent from the grip of fascism.

Seeing the sarcastic rendering of neo-Naziism could prove a heartening reminder that nearly all liars, cheaters, swindlers and psychopaths are eventually brought to some form of justice, either exposing themselves by their own foolish deeds or brought out from the shadows by those who choose to confront them, deny them and defeat them.

It would be refreshing to think that all the liars and cheaters of the world would be found out and demonstrably punished, though reality teaches that that is not the case. From the scandalous likes of mega-bankers to the small-minded, petty fools who concoct flimsy excuses by which to break deals, or the equally stupid types who hear only what they want to hear and make up stories, put words in other people's mouths and are general abusers, these all should be found out and made to pay dearly for their transgressions.

Failing the exposure of frauds and liars, the best the righteous can hold in their hearts is the thought that the prevaricators, manipulators and others of their ilk have to live with themselves, unforgivable and not forgiven. Their puny lives consist of their own little hell, an isolated, brutal existence that stains the soul and darkens the mind. The psychopaths among us cannot love, cannot feel the pain of others but can only inflict it, fool themselves with false pride, believing that they are somehow better, privileged, never at fault and unapologetic. They are sick, depraved and truly despicable human beings.

To these pariahs, the upstanding, the honest, the happy people of the world say, good riddance. Your personal torment is payback enough for your evil transgressions.

As for the markets, some interesting developments in the A-D line, which was 7-2 in favor of the losers and the new highs - new lows indicator, which flipped over to negative, 49-39 on the NASDAQ, though remained in favor of new highs on the NYSE, 97-26, a much narrower gap than in recent days. Paying close attention to both of these indicators may be investing 101, but they are among the most reliable metrics when change is in the wind, and a correction has been and still is, long overdue.

As earnings season heats up, we'll find out whether the market can sustain itself on the wings of Bernanke's put, unlimited MBS bond purchases, ZIRP and other Keynesian-like manipulations.

Dow 13,473.53, -110.12 (0.81%)
NASDAQ 3,065.02, -47.33 (1.52%)
S&P 500 1,441.48, -14.40 (0.99%)
NYSE Composite 8,279.11, -80.02 (0.96%)
NASDAQ Volume 1,646,239,125
NYSE Volume 3,187,523,500
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ Advance - Decline: 1244-4293
Combined NYSE & NASDAQ New highs - New lows: 146-65
WTI crude oil: 92.39, +3.06
Gold: 1,765.00, -10.70
Silver: 33.98, -0.032

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