Monday, February 22, 2016

Donald Trump Shock Wave Shakes Nation

Winning every available delegate in a truly historic presidential primary victory in South Carolina on Saturday, business billionaire Donald J. Trump now sets his sights on the state of Nevada and its upcoming caucus on Tuesday.

After what appears to be a sure win for Mr. Trump, the big test comes the following Tuesday, when 13 states will hold Republican primary votes, led by the inartfully-named "SEC" states of Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas and Tennessee. Equally important are tests in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Colorado and Alaska. 595 delegates are up for grabs on March 1. Texas alone accounts for 155, and is one of the few states in which Donald Trump does not lead. There, Ted Cruz, who is a senator from the state, holds a slim advantage, though the latest poll was taken prior to Trump's victory in the Palmetto State.

No candidate that has won both New Hampshire and South Carolina has failed to capture the Republican nomination, a fact that completely eluded the commentators on the Sunday talk show circuit, most of whom spent their air time desperately searching for an antidote to Trump fever, which is sweeping a nation angry with politicians, politics, a do-nothing congress and an administration that has sold its constituency down the proverbial river.

Trump offers a refreshing change of pace from the status quo. From his apparent off-the-cuff remarks to his infectious enthusiasm, Trump embodies a new paradigm for the American electorate and its making the establishment parties and the supine news media quake in its collective booties.

The message is clear and unqualified. Trump promises to build a wall on the Mexican border to halt the flow of illegal immigrants, and, to make sure nobody misses the message, Trump always reminds supporters and detractors alike that he'll make Mexico pay for it. Other policy initiatives include bringing back American jobs from places like Mexico, China and Vietnam, taking better care of veterans, destroying ISIS, cutting taxes for the middle class and business, repatriating profits earned in foreign countries by American enterprises, and protecting the rights of American citizens outlined by the Bill of Rights, especially the second amendment, the right to bear arms.

Not surprisingly, Trump's forthrightness and honesty go a long way in an age dominated by skepticism, innuendo and false prophets. His campaign message to "Make America Great Again" resounds in a country fed up with liberal concepts like multiculturalism, atheism and statist elitism. Trump, while himself a very rich man, is self-made and down-to-earth in ways that Americans have demonstrably appreciated. His approach is common-sensical and sometimes bordering on comical, calling politicians incompetent, self-important and dishonest, most of which applies in spades to the current crop of paid-off crony representatives of lobbyists, big business and special interests.

And then today, there was this:

If Trump is willing to abolish Obamacare, Common Core and reopen the wounds of 9/11 and the Iraq War, why not tackle the biggest buffoons in the room, the rentiers of the Eccles Building, the clueless illuminati which has brought us bubbles and busts and threatens to do the same again?

The world is waiting.

Today's Rigged Results:
S&P 500: 1,945.50, +27.72 (1.45%)
Dow: 16,620.66, +228.67 (1.40%)
NASDAQ: 4,570.61, +66.18 (1.47%)

Crude Oil 33.60 +5.83% Gold 1,209.40 -1.74% EUR/USD 1.1026 -0.96% 10-Yr Bond 1.7660 +1.03% Corn 368.00 +0.68% Copper 2.11 +1.81% Silver 15.19 -1.22% Natural Gas 1.86 -0.16% Russell 2000 1,021.74 +1.16% VIX 19.38 -5.60% BATS 1000 20,682.61 0.00% GBP/USD 1.4148 -1.09% USD/JPY 112.9550

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