Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Nationwide Looting, Rioting Appears A-OK for Corrupt Wall Street Money Managers

Rioting and looting in cities across America and Wall Street sends stocks higher.

I honestly don't have words appropriate to express my disbelief, because it all is so unbelievable.

Wall Street, tipping their collective hats to the corrupt politicians in Washington, DC, sent stocks soaring during the lockdowns and social distancing brought about by COVID-19. Now, they will ramp stocks even higher as the country self-destructs. It makes absolutely no sense unless the entire construct is a criminal enterprise without restraint.

Looters and rioters may be breaking laws but the money managers and politicians break them every day and are given a pass. Is that right? Isn't that what the rioting is all about? It's not about George Floyd. It's about unfairness, corruption, and enslavement of the middle and lower classes by a corporate and political elite, and so, since there is nothing more to be said on the topic, I'll leave it there.

Except for this: If you have gold or silver, get more. If you have guns and ammo, get more. If you live in a city, get out. The situation on the ground is only going to get worse. True patriots must begin to take action or we'll lose the country for good. The looters and politicians and bankers will steal from you and the police won't protect you. True American patriots are beset on all sides.


At the Disgusting Close, Monday, June 1:
Dow: 25,475.02, +91.91 (+0.36%)
NASDAQ: 9,552.05, +62.18 (+0.66%)
S&P 500: 3,055.73, +11.42 (+0.38%)
NYSE: 11,900.24, +97.30 (+0.82%)

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