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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Message to Honest Ann

Ann, you already have the answers. I know that from previous posts of yours.
As I mentioned earlier, your own survival is paramount. Start there and move forward.
Be guided by history and the wisdom of those who have come before you.
The neocons and banksters are not your immediate concern, until you make them that.
I cannot make my point any more straightforward than to suggest you strengthen your own position and improve your immediate surroundings. You alone, nor even all of the ZH loyalists, do not have the power to dethrone the current power structure.
Aim for your own structure, your own economy. Others are doing so, though not many. Consider yourself the vanguard of a new age, because THAT will set freedom in motion.
I can only ask that you ignore the PTB. We are all ultimately responsible for our own actions.
Act responsibly.
As an aside, I have found great wisdom and guidance from reading the works of people such as John Stuart Mill, Aristotle, and recently Sun Tzu's Art of War. There are copies online of the latter. I'd suggest Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations, but I'm stuck at page 624. Seriously, nobody should entertain to discuss anything economical unless they've read the whole thing, so there it is. I, like you, are inadequate. There's nothing stopping us, save our own human frailties, from becomeing whole.