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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Great Week for Stocks. Not So Good for People

Stocks were off to a slow start on Friday, but got a boost around 10:20 am EDT which lasted until shortly after noon, at which point profit-takers took over and remained in charge to the closing bell.

Overall, it was a banner week for stocks, based entirely on nothing in particular and mostly ignoring the horrendous news - both financial and international - that kept flowing every day.

For instance, the situation in Libya is nowhere near stabilizing and, given the steadfastness of Muhammar Gadaffi to remain in power, may escalate into a wider conflict. Yemen, Syria and Bahrain are still in the throes of wild civil unrest. Conditions at the nuclear reactor facilities in Japan have worsened by the day, and are nowhere near being resolved.

Portugal's government is all but dissolved and the Irish bailout is falling apart. Most of Europe is facing much the same situation as prevails in the US, no recovery and no signs of improvement. Additionally, leading political figures either don't seem to know what to do or simply don't want to do anything to better the lot of their citizenry.

Investors apparently are taking this all in stride, were it not for the fact that said investors are actually computer algorithms running at warp speed for the various banks and hedge funds who are clipping retail investors every chance they get.

The major indices were up four out of five days, the only down day being Tuesday, and it was a minor decline. The Dow finished ahead 262 points, or about 2.2%. The NASDAQ tacked on a cool 100 points, or nearly 4%. The S&P was up by 37 points, almost 3%, and the NYSE gained 205 points, or 2.5%.

Life was less good for residents of Libya, who are under military siege, and Japan, many of whom are homeless, while Tokyo residents are concerned about irradiated drinking water, already told by their authorities that the levels of iodine in some of that water is unsafe for infants and babies (and probably not too good for adults). Th remainder of the civilized world only had to put up with rising prices for gas or petrol, although life in South America and Central America remains relatively peaceful compared to the rest.

Dow 12,220.59, +50.03 (0.41%)
NASDAQ 2,743.06, +6.64 (0.24%)
S&P 500 1,313.80, +4.14 (0.32%)
NYSE Composite 8,321.78, +10.17 (0.12%)

Advancing issues bettered decliners by a score of 3980-2536. New highs on the NASDAQ totaled 143, to 21 new lows. On the NYSE, there were 243 new highs and just 8 new lows, which was not surprising, since volume was at levels not worth even watching, a sign that participation levels are a fraction of what they used to be, before the 2008 crash and the onset of completely rigged, centrally-planned, manipulated markets designed to keep the global Ponzi scheme of central bankers looking like it cannot fail.

NASDAQ Volume 1,771,109,000.00
NYSE Volume 3,934,565,000

WTI crude oil was flat, losing 20 cents, to $105.40. Gold and silver received their customary Friday smack-down, with gold losing $8.70, to $1,426.20 and silver down 33 cents, to $37.05.

Considering events, it was a banner week for the New World Order (NWO), in which everything you see or hear in the mainstream media is fake, phony and otherwise watered-down to prevent people from understanding just how dire global finances really are.

Have a great weekend and if body parts begin to glow in the dark, you can thank our leaders for keeping us safe from runaway, uncontrolled nuclear accidents.