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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dow Lower, NASDAQ Higher; Which One Is Right?

There's been an interesting dynamic to the market over not just the past few days, but for the past six months, though it has become somewhat pronounced recently, and that is the divergence between the staid, centered 30 stocks that comprise the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the thousands which populate the NASDAQ composite exchange.

Whenever the Dow is up, it's almost certain that the NASDAQ will produce gains as well, but, when the Dow is lower, the NASDAQ is often higher, which means there are not only some major differences of opinion on which stocks to own, but also on the general nature and direction of the economy.

It appears that those invested primarily in Dow stocks are probably more conservative in their investment approach, primarily due to the collective pre-eminence of the Dow components and the fact that all stocks in the Dow pay dividends.

The NASDAQ has always been more of a speculator's paradise, where some of the best new technology, finance, energy, and medical stocks reside. It's also home to many smaller firms with limited histories and even more limited earnings records. In fact, many stocks listed on the NASDAQ don't have any earnings at all. Those are fledgling enterprises operating at a loss, a not unusual circumstance, but one of which many funds and investment advisors steer clear.

To say that stocks traded on the NASDAQ are possibly of lower quality long term and risk-sensitive would be an understatement. Consider the leading percentage gainers in today's big move to yet another all-time high.

Destination Maternity (DEST), Etsy (ETSY), Nightstar Therapeutics ADR (NITE), iQIYI ADR (IQ), and Dropbox (DBX) were the five biggest gainers.

Of those, maybe you've heard of Etsy and Dropbox. The others? Probably not. That's where the speculators are playing.

Not only is the NASDAQ home to new ideas and new companies, many of the big tech names are listed there. The top 20 most actives today included the likes of Intel, Cisco, Comcast, 21st Century Fox, Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, Facebook, and Zynga, a pretty good sampling of large, established entertainment and media companies.

Apparently, the NASDAQ is where the action is, as it has outperformed the Dow quite handily this year.

The Dow still carries the weight of the world, though, and it's been sluggish.

Which one is on the correct path? Absolutely, time will tell.

Dow Jones Industrial Average June Scorecard:

Date Close Gain/Loss Cum. G/L
6/1/18 24,635.21 +219.37 +219.37
6/4/18 24,813.69 +178.48 +397.85
6/5/18 24,799.98 -13.71 +384.14
6/6/18 25,146.39 +346.41 +730.55
6/7/18 25,241.41 +95.02 +825.57
6/8/18 25,316.53 +75.12 +900.69
6/11/18 25,322.31 +5.78 +906.47
6/12/18 25,320.73 -1.58 +904.89
6/13/18 25,201.20 -119.53 +785.36
6/14/18 25,175.31 -25.89 +759.47

At the Close, Thursday, June 14, 2018:
Dow Jones Industrial Average: 25,175.31, -25.89 (-0.10%)
NASDAQ: 7,761.04, +65.34 (+0.85%)
S&P 500: 2,782.49, +6.86 (+0.25%)
NYSE Composite: 12,773.15, -12.30 (-0.10%)